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Adventure playground meeting

Our wishes

Now, can children decide "when" and "where" to play by themselves?
Also, do you have the freedom to choose what to do and how to play?
While becoming friends with trees, water and insects,
Attach wind, fire and soil to your side,
Shine your skills yourself and play with your own power,
Such a pleasantly exciting and exciting game is already a long time ago · · · mutter and it is over with that?

We will not give up!
· We will desperately protect the little playing time and place left by the children.
· We will create playgrounds here and there, allowing children to think independently and play freely.
· We will not only consume "Honma Moon's play" to children.
· We inform adults that play is a source of growth for children.

And the whole town goes out from the playground, to the town, so that the child can enjoy and play.

Various businesses

Certified NPO corporation Adventure Playground meeting organizes playground management and various business so that children can experience plenty of rich play and grow healthily.

Kokubunji PlayStation

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Aozora hiroba

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